Our Mission


Our goal is to tell stories of the transformative power of language. As MSU faculty and students, we see this every day - Spartans discovering their passion and their purpose as they engage with new languages and cultures. Frustrated by the stale rhetoric surrounding the idea of language learning, and driven by a desire to make these experiences known to the MSU community, we decided it was time to start telling stories of what it is really like to live as a multilingual person in East Lansing, MI.

Our Team


Luca Giupponi - Project Lead


Katherine Stark - Writing and Storytelling


Grace Mortson - Content Strategist


About CeLTA

The MSU Languages campaign was developed and is supported by the Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA), MSU's internal language support unit. The mission of CeLTA is to advance language teaching through the dissemination of innovative practices and collaboration across units on campus and in local and regional communities. The vision of our unit is to empower language teachers through innovation and excellence. Our core values are excellence, innovation, and collaboration.